Consign or Donate

The Closet - Marshall, MN

What we take:

For Consignment: We take Women's & Men’s clothing items (XS -3XL), Shoes & Accessories that are on trend. We give preference to name brands & boutique brands but will consider all items that are of good quality. Items must not have any wear & tear and are preferably no more than 2-3 years old. When the item has sold Consignee receives a 35% payout with The Closet retaining 65%, Monthly payouts are scheduled for the sold items. We will sell items for 90 days (Please Note: time starts once the item hits our website, typical posting time can be 1-3 months after the sort process depending on how many items we have taken in each week & our schedules); after your 90 days is complete, you will then have 10 days to pick your items up that have not sold or they will automatically go to the Thrifting side as a donation. A Consignment Contract is needed to cosign with us, we will have a contract ready for you once your first set of items has been sorted.


For Thrifting Donations: We take Women’s & Men’s clothing (XS -3XL) Shoes & Accessories that are trendy and that are of good quality. No stains, holes or missing items. Thrifting donations are not tax deductible, but many items will be used towards the sale events that will contribute to a percentage of sales donation to non-profits in our community. We plan to have live promos and/or sponsored sales promoting these events in addition to our regular sale items. Please also follow drop off information.


Drop Off: We reserve the right to choose what items we will accept into Consignment & Thrifting. We expect all items to come clean–fully laundered/ washed.  Free from any type of odors, dirt, stains, damages or hair, including no pet hair. Items must be right-side-out and folded. 

You can drop items off at The Escape Spa / The Closet located at 301 South 2nd Street, Marshall, MN anytime during open hours M-F 9am-730pm Sat 9-4pm. Our Consignment or Thrifting label tags must be filled out in full & attached to each of your item containers at the time of drop off. (we will have them there for you / check in with the front desk)

Items must be brought in a tote, box or laundry basket. -No garbage bags / bags will be accepted. You will get your boxes and totes returned.

The Sort: Once items are sorted & we have accepted items (typically a 1-3 week turnaround time depending on the number of drops we get in a week & schedules) consignment contracts must be filled out in full and signed before we will list your items for sale on our website.

*All unwanted sorted items must be picked up within 48 hours of notice that your items have been sorted, or a fee may be charged for disposal of those items. Please do not bring items that you know are not favorable or are not in good condition.

Please email / message us for additional questions.

** We will post for special event & other items as we can add them or as needed. We are currently accepting all seasons at this time but prefer the upcoming & current season.

Please email us via our Contact Tab on this page or message us through our Facebook page: The Closet - Consignment & Thrifting to get started today!